MR Interior Design was establish in Jan 2013.

MR Interior Design is a Los Angeles based Interior Design firm that focuses on collaborating with clients around the world to create environments that are beautiful in form, functionality, and hold the highest caliber. Our approach is versatile as we have the ability to work with any style or décor a client envisions for their home, commercial, or hospitality projects. This enables us to provide all our clients with a comfortable and enjoyable experience; our creativity and desires for excellence show in every project, from beginning to end. Taking the anxiety around any new design or building project off the client. We believe that a key principle to a successful client relationship is open communication and we adhere to this very well. With privilege, we say that individuals may walk into MR Interior Design as potential clients, but end up walking out a friend.


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Manny Regalado II
Manny Regalado II
“I want to do it once and do it well.”This is a leading principle behind the award-winning work of Manny Regalado II. Manny’s work is a culmination of 20+ years of observation and experience obtained in the Design and Construction fields. His passion for Interior Design, along with his integrity, is illustrated in all aspects of his work. As he continues to evolve, Manny adds new creative platforms to the thriving MR Interior Design firm. He utilizes fresh and original approaches in an inspiring and innovative way. His unique and creative approach results in successful designs and builds foundations for on-going friendships with clients. Manny’s positive outlook and high expectations mirror the lasting relationships formed with clients.
Emmanuel Adufah
IT Director
Emmanuel Adufah
Manage the company’s IT resources across the enterprise. I enjoy spearheading the build of strategic, executive and robust infrastructures that are elastic, robust, scalable and goal oriented in meeting and exceeding the company’s expectations
Joey Ng
Lead Developer
Joey Ng
Amazing drawings start with a curious eye. At MRID, I create client drawings and blueprints used for initial consultation and developments